Meet Snowbo,

It will keep your driveway snow free.

Keep me informed Pre-order

Meet Snowbo,

It will keep your driveway snow free.

Keep me informed Pre-order

Meet Snowbo,

It will keep your driveway snow free.

Keep me informed Pre-order

Meet Snowbo,

It will keep your driveway snow free.

Keep me informed Pre-order

Welcome to a revolution in autonomous technology.

Snowbo is the first autonomous snow blower in the market. Ready to help you keep your driveway clean day and night, powder and blizzard. Pre-order

Snowbo is

automagic . reliable . affordable

Easy to Setup

Easy 3 step process to install takes less than 15 minutes.

• Plug docking station
• Stick 4 beacons
• Loop around your driveway once using the app

That's it!

You don't need to think about snow in your driveway anymore, it's all taken care of from now on.


Snowbo is a fully autonomous robot.
You will not need to do anything after the installation, Snowbo will detect snowfall and automagically start cleaning your driveway whether you are at home or not.
No more scrambling to clean the driveway to get to work or take the kids to school.
Snowbo goes back to its charging station when it needs to, and will continue keeping your driveway clean.

Safe, Secure

Snowbo has the sensors and intelligence to stay out of trouble, and the provided security alarm will notify you if it's removed from your driveway

Pre-order Snowbo now…

Cleaning snow is a pain, let Snowbo do it for you.

Most of us clean snow, not because we love it but because we have no other choice.

 No more yearly snow removal service fees $$$.

 No more back-breaking shoveling.

 No more going out multiple times only to see your hard work covered with new snow.

 Snowbo takes care of it all without you being involved, period. Pre-order

Snowbo App

Find out what happened while you weren't looking, or remote control Snowbo to clean a tough spot. Pre-order Snowbo now…


Beacons are the lighthouses for Snowbo, they're light but sturdy, and when Lawnbo is out, they'll guide it around too. Pre-order

Docking station

Snowbo's weatherproof docking station can be installed outside or inside your garage. Pre-order

Snowbo Specification


Snowbo Size & Weight:
Length: 1.065 m (3.5 feet)
Width: 0.58 m (1.9 feet)
Height: 0.452 m (1.48 feet)
Height with mast: 1.12 m (3.67 feet)
Weight: ~ 48kg (107 Lbs)

Docking Station Size & Weight:
Length: 0.6 m (1.97 feet)
Width: 0.93 m (3.05 feet)
Height: 0.6 m (1.97 feet) including base
Weight: ~18kg (40 Lbs)

Power System:
Snowbo uses an industry grade proven battery pack

Snowbo uses Ultrasound and GPS for navigation and localization. It also uses Wi-Fi for additional features such as communicating with the dock, and the app


Snowbo takes up to 45 mins to fully recharge its battery

Max surface to clean on a single charge:
Snowbo cleans an area up to 4000 square feet on a full charge. Duration varies based on snow stickiness and wetness. It typically works for about 1 hour on a full charge

Snowfall vs. Snowbo:
Snowbo operates best if snow accumulation is less than 5” of snow per hour

Obstacle detection and avoidance:
Snowbo uses its AI to detect moving object (mailman) or stationary objects (like a parked car) and reacts using sophisticated algorithms to avoid them and continue its cycle


Automagic, Reliable and Affordable.

Snow doesn't stand a chance! Pre-order